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About us
About us

Xispek was founded in Wetter (Am Ruhr), Germany at the beginning of 2014, and settled in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park in 2015 through Suzhou's introduction of overseas high-level talent program. We mainly focus on the development and production of automated online inspection equipment and its supporting products. Products integrated image and sensor technology and through the software and automatic control to realize high-precision, multi-functional, highly reliable automatic inspection tasks, for enterprises to produce high-quality products escort. The company's products are widely used in beverage, beer, liquor, food, medicine and consumer goods and other fields of automated production lines. Let more industries to realize high-speed automatic quality control is our pursuit of the goal.

Xispek provides turn-key inspection solutions for beverage filling line, beer production line, flavored bottle production line and sandwich cookie line. Additionally, Xispek delivers some customer tailored solutions for different customers as well. The product portfolio includes empty bottle inspection system, full bottle inspection system, code inspection system, bottle embryo inspection system in the blowing machine, bottle alignment system and label inspection system in the labeling machine and so on. Through continuous R&D and innovation, we provide standardized and customized products and solutions for customers in the industry, protecting beverage and food companies to produce high-quality products.

Xispek profits both from the German technical team with rich experience in R&D and strict product development process and local high-quality manufacturing capabilities. With the international enterprise management and vision, Xispek creates on-line inspection system with high quality standards and reasonable cost.

Core Competence

R&D and innovation is our core competitiveness, Xispek has completely independent intellectual property rights of the universal inspection software platform XispVision®, inspection platform contains automatic tracking control language TrackML®, high-efficiency industrial image processing library XispISP®, and the inspection chain data processing technology, parallel computing technology and other innovative technologies. Rich industry experience, optical and system design system, enabling us to provide open,high performance, high stability, cost-effective inspection system solutions. Xispek currently holds over a dozen patents, industry software and technology certifications.

Business Philosophy
High Product Quality with Best Service

Company Mission
To provide high-quality automated inspection solutions that make quality control easier and quality less expensive.

Company Advantage and Vision
Relying on the German technical team with rich experience in R&D, adhering to the rigorous product development process, integrating China's local high-quality manufacturing capabilities, and applying international enterprise management and operation concepts, the company jointly creates automated high-speed on-line inspection systems of high standard.

Our Service
With well-trained service engineers Xispek responds rapidly to customers' needs. We promise to respond in 2 hours and arrive at the factory in 24 hours in most areas of mainland China.