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Xispek Provides online inspection solutions for the automation industry


With the advent of industrial upgrading wave, in the intelligent factory upgrade construction all over the world in all kinds of production lines, online inspection has been widely used in the field of industrial automation, including: electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries. Xispec utilizes a variety of sensors, such as array cameras, line scan cameras, 3D scanners, infrared temperature sensors, laser distance sensors, etc., and uses the common inspection platform software XispVision® to carry out on-line inspection of products in the production process, helping enterprises to complete automation control and quality management. On-line identification, rejection, monitoring, statistics, data analysis and uploading, and reverse process control of product appearance defects, product size measurement, parts matching, positioning guidance, and bar code recognition in production. It can help automation enterprises to realize more efficient and lean process management control, while improving product quality and production efficiency, reducing labor costs and material waste costs, and reducing the risk of customer complaints.


In addition to the standard inspection control centers, Xispek has introduced the XispSmart compact smart camera, which provides customers with a cost-effective solution for applications such as coding and positioning.


We provide professional equipment and customized solutions for our customers. The hardware used in our in-line inspection systems are all made of high quality branded components that are suitable for the requirements of our customers' production lines, including electrical components, vision components, optical components, etc. Meanwhile, we have our own branded industrial cameras and smart cameras. Whether you are looking for standardized or customized solutions, we will provide you with professional advice and services!