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Specialist for online inspection system

Using state-of-the-art vision and sensing technology and the leading integrated online system processing platform XispVision®, Xispek offers a total quality inspection solution that is tailored to the characteristics of the production line in different industries. Our business covers a wide range of industries, including beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, electronics, automobiles, and so forth. With over ten years of experience and continuous research and development, Xispek online inspection system, XispVision®, has provided a wide variety of solutions and online inspection equipment to customers around the world. Our products include: appearance defect inspection, online measuring, status monitoring, closed-loop feedback, data collection, data analysis and uploading, etc., which help our customers to improve the efficiency of production, enhance product quality, reduce complaints, and lower production costs.

Xispek provides customers with professional equipment and customized solutions. The hardware used in the online inspection system is made of high-quality branded components suitable for the customer's production line requirements, including electrical components, vision components and optical components, etc. At the same time, we have our own brand of industrial cameras and smart cameras. Whether you are looking for a standardized solution or a customized one, we will provide you with professional advice and services!