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OEM Solution

Xispek OEM  Solution

Xispek is a manufacturer of inspection systems for the beverage and food industry as well as the automation industry. In addition, we offer consulting, sales and service for vision system hardware and software. If you are an automation supplier with vision inspection needs but lack experience in the field, Xispek is a potential partner for you. xispek offers a complete OEM solution that includes hardware, software, and control, making it easier than ever to customize your vision system. Of course, if you are an end-user customer and would like to customize your system to your own requirements or even develop your own, Xispek can provide you with a wealth of support.A vision inspection system can be either completely procured or completely developed in-house. Procuring a vision system through an external source often faces some of the following problems, such as:

Weak Independence

Many pre-sales communications with supplier

Long waiting time for quotation

Misunderstanding in technical solutions

Waiting time for after-sales service response

Poor controllability

Uncontrollable quality of purchased equipment

Uncontrollable delivery time

Uncontrollable customer experience

High cost

Compared with the completely research and development of vision system themselves, the enterprise achieve a high independency and high controllability, but also face some problems, such as high labor costs and time costs. Additionally, the research and development has the risk of failure. Xispek provides a new model of cooperation. The equipment manufacturer has its own production resources and application resources. but they lack of vision specialized R&D employees.Through XispVision,Xispek universal inspection software platform, as well as specialized vision hardware consulting and sales services, the development cost and cycle time of vision equipment can be greatly reduced!